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Hi! I'm Michelle.

I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in July 2021, when I was 24. Despite knowing I had a BRCA2 mutation, I wasn't getting regular breast scans or doing self breast exams. I was supposed to start everything at 25 - just a couple months after my diagnosis. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is shocking and earth-shattering at any age, but depending on your age, the way it affects your life and changes your treatment plans is different.

I made this blog for two reasons, the first being that there aren't a ton of young women to look to when you have a cancer diagnosis. I've found myself desperate to hear what choices other people made, what treatments they did, how they reacted to said treatments. I'm hoping my blog will help other young women understand their own cancer diagnoses. 


The other is to keep my friends and family in the loop. I know it can feel awkward reaching out to ask (although, to be honest, it is appreciated! Even if I take a week to reply). Hopefully this blog will keep you all informed as well. 

Michelle Bank standing on a porch with a glass of wine.
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